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The Eco Bag you’ve been looking for.

Sunny Fiber - The Leading Eco Bag Specialist

​同力 | SunnyBag

We’re the experts

A Smart Way to Order your Eco Bags.
Your perfect Eco bags solution. Made in Taiwan.

The Flexibility you’ve been looking for.
MOQ 100pc up. Full-color printing custom design.

Best Printing Quality.
Full-color printing by Digital Printing.
No Cylinder charges.

Reuse, reduce.
Made from lightweight yet durable PE woven fabric.
Reuse to reduce the use of disposable plastic and paper bags.

Product Categories

  • PE Eco Bag
 / PE Promotional Bags  

  • Tote Bag

  • Cooler Bag

  • Picnic Mat

  • Toy bag

  • Custom Items

Sunny Fiber PE Eco Bags

Experience the ultimate blend of durability, reusability, and style with Sunny Fiber's PE Eco Bags. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they offer three distinct PE fabrics: woven, translucent, and metallic. Dive into our collection and select the perfect fabric to design your next standout Eco Bag.

PE環保袋 Shopping Bag | 同力|PE環保購物袋
pp laminated bags 不織布袋 棉布袋 | 同力提供PP不織布及多功能布料袋

Sunny Fiber's Diverse Bag Collection

Discover cost-effective solutions with Sunny Fiber's solid colour PP non-woven bags. Available with elegant Silk Screen Printing or vibrant laminated full-colour options. Explore our range further with premium materials like cotton, nylon, and polyester.

Sunny Fiber's Multi-Functional Range

Discover the practicality with Sunny Fiber's popular cooler bags, picnic mats, and car sunshades. Designed for functionality and style. Start your order with a minimum of just 100 pieces!

Promotional Bags 環保袋

Sunny Fiber Bag Collection

Choose from our unique and exclusive patterns without any added costs! Select your desired design and await its prompt delivery.

Start with just 100pcs!

Sunny Fiber sets the standard. Get your full-colour printed Eco Bag with a minimum order of just 100 pieces.

Custom Bags  贈品袋
袋工廠 台灣製 贈品袋 客製 | 同力|SunnyBag超過四十三年的績優環保袋製造經驗

Why Choose | SunnyBag

For over 43 years, Sunny Bag has been a prominent Eco bag factory in both domestic and foreign markets. Our unwavering commitment to quality control and material safety ensures every product surpasses international standards and meets customer expectations.

Our ethos revolves around sustainability, championing products that significantly reduce the consumption of disposable plastic and paper bags. With Sunny Bag, customers are empowered to make sustainable choices.

PP編織袋 PE編織袋

Count on us


We export to 23 countries and our reputation speaks for itself. With extensive global reach, we deliver the best solutions.


We provide exciting exclusive patterns for you to choose from.


Established in 1980, we are the knowledgeable experts in Eco Bag industry.


Minimum order quantity can be from only 100 pieces, full-color printed.

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